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Reviews of Penfriend products.


A few quotes about Penfriend from the press and other sources

"I predict Penfriend XL will lead to increased fluency and greater motivation in the MFL classroom."

- Sally McKeown, Freelance educational consultant, in the Guardian on the 10th January 2005.


"Penfriend is the best! Speech output, British dictionaries, excellent prediction algorithms, full configurability and the extra feature of an on screen keyboard option, all combine to make it the best prediction solution for British users."

- Trish Hornsey, Director, Inclusive Technology


"Congratulations on a superb product which is easy to use and affordable. Every school and university should have Penfriend to meet the varying needs of students.

- Alister Davies, Project Officer ICT, Australia


"Penfriend is a one-of-a-kind program. It's very flexible and it integrates brilliantly into Clicker 4."

- Charlie Danger, Special Educational Needs Information Technology


"Of all the literacy support programs available, Penfriend gives the best results for the least teacher time commitment."

- Neville Dalton, Head SEN-ICT Service


"I recommend it to my schools as a brilliant cross-curricular resource."

- Mike Bolton, ICT teacher adviser for pupils with special needs


"This is an amazing program that can provide children with the ability to write down what they can usually only talk about."

- Carol Price, East Sussex LSS Newsletter.


"Penfriend is a small, efficient and powerful word predictor program."

- Gerry Kennedy, Spectronics, Australia


"The latest edition [XL] has a screen reader which is invaluable for very dyslexic pupils to read relevant program menus for them. In Microsoft Word, this enables the spell checker and synonyms facilities to be read out on a right click.

It also now works as a predictor in many foreign languages and correct accents for the reading can be downloaded. Wonderful for all students taking Advanced MFLs!"

- Penny Rose, Specialist Teacher and PATOSS Bulletin Editor