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VAT Exemption

Most customers, including British businesses, must pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on orders. You may be entitled to reclaim this as part of your own VAT registration in the normal way, if you are a business. Disabled customers are entitled to buy most of Penfriend Ltd's products without paying VAT because they are designed specifically for disabled people. We offer reduced prices for those who use penfriend at school or at work, and also wish to use it at home. Please send us your school's or work's install code with your order. You can claim VAT zero-rating for your disability provided that:
  • the product is being supplied to a disabled person for domestic or personal use, and
  • you submit an eligibility declaration in this form.
You can place your order by post including the form and do not add the 20% VAT to the price you pay for the product or postage.

Alternatively, you may submit the form by fax or other authentic electronic means, eg email to Purchases from Penfriend Ltd are subject to our conditions and Returns and Cancellations Policies.

International customers outside Europe are also entitled to purchase without paying British tax (we cannot comment on the import terms in your own country). European customers must pay British VAT, unless special arrangements have been made between Penfriend Ltd and a business in another European country.  

Please checkout from this page to make a VAT exempt purchase.

Have you sent us the VAT exemption form?